[BioC] relocatable rpm R 1.9 for fc6.x86_84

D.Enrique ESCOBAR ESPINOZA escobarebio at yahoo.com
Fri May 18 15:46:35 CEST 2007

it is my pleasure to inform you that rpm and srpms for fc6 x84_86 are
available at
of R-Bioconductor, it inlcudes all CRAN dependencies, almost all
BioC-experiments and most used R-BioC-core packages.
It is made for R 1.9.
1)I am planning to do it for R 2.0 but the file sis becomming huge
2)I am planning to do it for fc6.i386
3)I will submit it to fedora extras but I am sure they will tell me
to divided into R-CRAN and R-BioC-core and/ or R-BioC-expe

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