[BioC] Labelling subplots a), b) etc.

r.athanasiadou r.athanasiadou at sms.ed.ac.uk
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Have you tried mtext() ? It can draw at the plots margins. Also
legend()could be useful. Additionally perhaps you want to adjust your margin
and labels' areas by defining mar= oma= mgp= . For those check ?par. Finally
I found useful to define the dimensions of the graphics devise- windows() or
X11()- so that I can control better the exact coordinates of the added

Anyhow, to my experience, you need to devote some time playing with the
different values until you get the result you want.

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I am creating a plot with multiple subplots on it (by using) and I would
like to be able to label these "a)", "b)" etc. in the top left corner.
I have been trying to use text to accomplish this, but it only seems to
place a label within the plotting area not outside where the title axis is.

Any suggestions?


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