[BioC] ADVERTISEMENT: statistical programmer position available, Boston

Ross Lazarus ross.lazarus at channing.harvard.edu
Thu May 24 17:15:17 CEST 2007

With apologies for disturbing the vast majority of list readers *not* 
looking for work, I have a position open for a statistical programmer to 
work on a statistical genetics software development grant (see 

Experience with R, external C/C++ function interfaces and (ideally) 
Python are all highly desirable. Position is Boston (Harvard) based.

Candidates should contact me directly for more details - please do not 
reply to the list!!

Please pass this on to any programmers you know who might be interested 
and capable?

Ross Lazarus MBBS MPH, Director of Bioinformatics
Channing Laboratory, 181 Longwood Ave., Boston MA 02115, USA.
Voice: +617 525 2730  Fax: +617 525 0958

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