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gabriele bucci gabriele.bucci at ifom-ieo-campus.it
Tue Aug 12 09:53:50 CEST 2008

Dear List,
some external collaborators gave us the results of an expression 
profiling over tumor samples.
The experiment is a dye swap, and they are using a rosetta resolver 
The chips used were Agilent two-colors custom arrays and the data which 
were provided to us are in the form of ".mage" files.
So I suppose these files are actually a MAGE-ML files.

Except for the package 'RMAGEML' which run only under a Linux R 
environment (I'm working under winXP), I was not able to find a 
Bioconductor solution to read and process this MAGE-ML files.

My questions are:

1) when talking in general about 'Agilent .txt files'  we`re actually 
talking about MAGE files?
2) is there a way to port RMAGEML on R under windows?
3) alternative solutions.

I will appreciate any kind of suggestion and comment, if you have some.

My Best wishes,

PS. I've tried also with Partek and GeneSpring GX (7.3) without success...

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