[BioC] DNASuffixArray

Gabriel Valiente valiente at lsi.upc.edu
Fri Aug 29 19:35:55 CEST 2008

Dear all,

there was a DNASuffixArray function call to C code (biostring.c) in  

Biostrings 1.1.1 (BioConductor 1.6)
Biostrings 1.4.0 (BioConductor 1.7)
Biostrings 2.0.3 (BioConductor 1.8)
Biostrings 2.2.1 (BioConductor 1.9)

but then, still a function call but no C code anymore, in package

Biostrings 2.4.8 (BioConductor 2.0)
Biostrings 2.6.6 (BioConductor 2.1)
Biostrings 2.8.18 (BioConductor 2.2)
Biostrings 2.9.66 (BioConductor 2.3)

Can someone please briefly explain what happened to DNASuffixArray?  
Beside being interested in using it, I would also like to properly  
cite this implementation in a forthcoming book and thus, need to be  
sure about any details. Thanks,


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