[BioC] Problem of combine function when combining different numeric types

Pan Du dupan at northwestern.edu
Thu Dec 4 18:11:52 CET 2008

Hi Martin,

I am not sure who I should contact with for this problem. I just send this
to you. The problem is: when I try to combine two numeric types (integer and
double) of matrix (actually they are in the assayData of ExpressionSet), the
combine function reports error. For example:

  a = matrix(rnorm(10), 2)
  # set rownames and colnames because combine function require it.
  colnames(a) = LETTERS[1:5]; rownames(a) = 1:2
  b = matrix(1:10, 2)
  colnames(b) = LETTERS[6:10]; rownames(b) = 1:2
  combine(a, b)

> Error in combine(a, b) : matrix types double, integer differ

I suppose the combine function should automatically convert the integer as
double before combining them because this situation can be met very often.
What's your suggestion? Thanks!

Have a nice day!


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