[BioC] two color array vs. one color array

Leon Yee yee.leon at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 14:18:57 CET 2008

Hi Naomi,

> People generally use what is most cost effective for the application.  
> Some 1-color systems are more accurate than some 2 color systems.  And 
> some 1-color systems are cheaper per sample, processed.  Some 
> investigators are interested in particular genes which may be printed on 
> some commercial arrays but not others.  (Most "whole genome" arrays do 
> not cover the whole genome.)  Experimental design is more picky for 2 
> color arrays because the within array variance is usually smaller than 
> the between array variance... If you are using commercial arrays, you 
> also need to consider the bioinformatics tools available.

Thank you very much! I'm now much more clear about this.

Best Regards,

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