[BioC] Job Offer

Storistes de France jobadvert at storistes-de-france.com
Sat Feb 2 22:15:12 CET 2008

   Storistes de France is currently looking for English Corrections Officer. We
   currently need three english corrections officer, someone who can edit our
   customer service messages and correct errors in our english customer service
   This is an opportunity is open to anyone who know how to write english
   without  errors and someone who can correct mistakes/errors in English
   Language and we also need someone who will be working as our agent. You are
   required to work for one hour daily by checking your email for our customer
   service message and edit it because of correction and other english errors.
   - Applicants must be living in USA,Canada, Australia or United Kingdom.
   - Applicants must be high school or vocational high school graduates.
   - Above 18 years old.
   - Confident computer skills.
   - Applicants must be avaliable to check his/her e-mail messages between 7am
   - 12noon.
   - Good working relationship with new people.
   - Required to be online at least 1-3hours and 2 days per week.
   - Speedy career progress
   - High earnings plus performance results bonus.
   - A Personal Toshiba Laptop.
   - Weekly payment of $250.00.
   - Monthly Salary : Starting from $10,000 - $55,000.00.
   ****   To   apply   please   send   your   CV/Resume   to  our  email:
   storistes at temporaryforwarding.com
   Milla Cole
   Storistes de France
   Website: http://www.storistes-de-france.com/

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