[BioC] Mapping Clone ID to GO terms

Hooiveld, Guido Guido.Hooiveld at wur.nl
Mon Feb 11 17:08:19 CET 2008

Hi Tim,

I found this page to be very useful for my incidental conversion of
identifiers. It does do cloneIDs to GO terms too, if i am not mistaken.



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> Hi Christos,
> Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, I have to do this for 
> several microarrays, and a manual process may not be quite right.
> Even just a table/file mapping the clone ID to gene name/gene 
> symbol etc. would do, but so far I have been unable to find 
> one on the web (or on bioconductor).
> It does seem slightly odd that for a database like the SMD, 
> such a mapping is not readily available. Or perhaps, it's a 
> reflection on my modest searching skills!
> thanks!

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