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Paquet, Agnes apaquet at medsfgh.ucsf.edu
Sat Feb 16 00:25:04 CET 2008

Hi Christina,
It looks like you are trying to read in arrays with different print layout. What type of arrays are you using? Do they come from the same print?


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Hi Experts,

While trying to analyse a few .gpr files, I'm come across the following
message which I am unable to understand (confession: new to this area).

The information's given below:

> sessionInfo ()

R version 2.6.0 (2007-10-03)



- --  --  - - - -

attached base packages:

 [1] grid      tools     stats     graphics  grDevices datasets  tcltk
utils     methods   base

other attached packages:

 [1] arrayQuality_1.14.0 RColorBrewer_1.0-2  gridBase_0.4-3
hexbin_1.12.0       lattice_0.17-4      convert_1.14.0      Biobase_1.16.3

 [8] marray_1.16.0       limma_2.12.0        svSocket_0.9-5
R2HTML_1.58         svMisc_0.9-5        svIDE_0.9-5

> targetInfo <- read.marrayInfo ("targets2.txt")

> mraw <- read.GenePix (targets=targetInfo)

Reading ...  B1a.gpr

Reading ...  B1b.gpr

Reading ...  B1cDS.gpr

Reading ...  B2a.gpr

Reading ...  B2b.gpr

Error in Gf[, f] <- as.matrix(dat[, name.Gf]) :

  number of items to replace is not a multiple of replacement length

What's that error actually saying, and how to correct it !


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