[BioC] GO summary of a list of genes?

Juan C Oliveros Collazos oliveros at cnb.csic.es
Mon Feb 18 17:06:19 CET 2008

Dear Ron,

If you have the functional annotations of your genes you may try 


It is a simple on-line tool that classify a list of genes in base on the 
similarities between their annotations (provided as input). DIGEST 
generates groups of genes that -in many cases- are functionally related. 
It is based on a set of text-mining rules that assign different degrees 
of biological relevance to each word in each annotation.

The quality of the classification depends on the quality of the 
annotations but it works quite well with the typical gene descriptions 
currently provided by microarray manufacturers.

The output of the system is not exactly what you asked for but -I hope- 
it may be useful for you.

All the best,

Juan Carlos

Ron wrote:
> Hello, after using statistical testing, we often obtain a list of genes. 
> Could someone tell me what R/Bioconductor packages I can use to figure 
> out what pathways/functions of these genes are in, e.g. a summary saying 
> that 80% genes are related to breast cancer or 20% genes are related to 
> glucose metabolism pathways? I guess these are GO-related packages.
> Thanks. - Ron
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Juan Carlos Oliveros

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