[BioC] cellHTS2: help with ConfFile (convertWellCoordinates) function

dunicadj at tcd.ie dunicadj at tcd.ie
Tue Feb 19 23:43:01 CET 2008

Hi all ,

I have a problem when configuring my files in CellHTS2. Primarily, I get an
error concerning my ConfFile which says the following-

Error in convertWellCoordinates(slog$Well, pdim(object)) :
  'x' must be either a character vector with alphanumeric well IDs (e.g. 'B03'
or c('B', '03'))
 or a vector of integers with position IDs within a plate (e.g. 27).

My Plateconf.txt file looks like this, which to me seems the right format.
However, regardless of whether I specify each plate and well as below, or use
the compressed format shown in the cellHTS2 vignette I still get the same

Wells: 96
Plates: 18
Plate	Well	Content
1	A01	Neg
1	A02	Neg
1	A03	Sample
1	A04	Sample
1	A05	Sample
1	A06	Sample

My only naïve idea is that while generating the tab delinated txt file using
exell that the final well descriptions are not recognised as alphanumeric by
cellHTS2. I have tried generating the file in notepad but with no success.
Is there some other way I should be generating the plateConf file? I have even
adapted the ConfFile from the KcViab example folder and stil get the same
I have attached a copy of my ConfFile if necessary
Any help would be greatfully appreciated.

Dara Dunican
Cell Signalling Group,
Institute of Molecular Medicine,
Trinity College Dublin,

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