[BioC] About a problem with databases

JUAN MIGUEL MARIN DIAZARAQUE jmmarin at est-econ.uc3m.es
Fri Feb 22 20:02:49 CET 2008

Hello Dear BioC-community,

We are trying to check a non-lineal mapping between the expressions of 
two sets of the same genes under different conditions. I am afraid that 
we have a basic knowledge about Bioconductor capacities...

We have tried to use the ALL database, but after filtering expressions 
we obtain that almost all genes, associated with two different class of 
cancer cell types, seem to have similar behavior as we can glance at it 
with a Multidimensional Scaling map.
In fact, our interest is mainly to check a non-standard non-linear 
Bayesian statistical procedure, and for that there is not any library 
in the Bioconductor repository (nowadays).

We wonder whether it exists any database with same genes but with a 
strongly different behavior under different conditions. As a first 
application we considered cancer related data but we do not know if it 
may be better to look for databases with same type of genes but from 
different species.




     J. Miguel Marin


    Dep. of Statistics
University Carlos III of Madrid
        Spain (E.U.)

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