[BioC] pamr.cv function

Patricia Greninger pgren2002 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 28 18:33:07 CET 2008

I've been testing out the pamr package and have read the paper
"Diagnosis of multiple cancer types by shrunken centroids of gene
expression" by Tibshirani, et. al. In the paper it mentions using
10-fold cross-validation. The pamr.cv function defaults to setting
nfold to the smallest class size, in this case 8. Using the khan.txt
tutorial data I've tried setting nfold = 10 to ensure I can reproduce
the results from the paper. It still only does an 8-fold
cross-validation. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

I'm using pamr ver 1.31 and R ver 2.6.1.

- Pat

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