[BioC] Affymetrix probeset ids to gene symbols

Peter Robinson peter.robinson at t-online.de
Thu Jul 3 22:31:51 CEST 2008

Dear all,

I have a list of affymetrix probeset ids from another program and would 
like to use annaffy to extract the corresponding gene names. I am still 
something of a novice at R and am probably doing something silly, but 
found no answer in the package vignette. My script:


dat <- read.table('sign.txt.cdt',header=T)

I was surprisied that so few of the probeset ids got identified by this 
script. WHat am I doing wrong?

THanks Peter
 > s
  [1] "character(0)"       "character(0)"       "character(0)"
  [4] "character(0)"       "character(0)"       "character(0)"
  [7] "character(0)"       "character(0)"       "character(0)"
 [10] "character(0)"       "character(0)"       "character(0)"
 [13] "character(0)"       "character(0)"       "Egr3"
 [16] "character(0)"       "character(0)"       "character(0)"
 [19] "character(0)"       "character(0)"       "character(0)"
 [22] "character(0)"       "character(0)"       "character(0)"
 [25] "Irak2"              "character(0)"       "Coq10b"
 [28] "character(0)"       "BC063749"           "character(0)"
 [31] "4631422O05Rik"      "character(0)"       "Coq10b"
 [34] "character(0)"       "character(0)"       "AI452195"
 [37] "character(0)"       "character(0)"       "character(0)"
 [40] "Mobkl2a"            "character(0)"       "character(0)"


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