[BioC] the function subset inside a function

Lana Schaffer schaffer at scripps.edu
Fri Jul 4 01:02:19 CEST 2008

I am using this subset statement and it works outside a function.
LIS[[i]]<- lapply(LI, subset, select=cov[[i]]) However, wrapped inside a
function this statement produces the same values for every (which is
always LIS[[1]]) which is only the first subset of LI.
Does anyone know why is not working correctly inside a function?

ff = factor(covariate)
nLev <- nlevels(ff)
cov <- vector(mode="list",length=nLev)
for (gp in 1:nLev) {
cov[[gp]] <- covariate == levels(ff)[gp]  }

LIS <- vector(mode="list",length=nLev)
#if (SINGLE == T ) LIS[[1]] <- LI else {} for (i in 1:nLev)
LIS[[i]]<- lapply(LI, subset, select=cov[[i]]) 

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Subject: the function subset inside a function

I have successfully applied the subset function on a list.  However,
inside a function the subset did not work.  Has anyone else run into
this problem?

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