[BioC] LIMMA Question: for lmFit

Yi Zou yzou at indiana.edu
Fri Jul 11 22:12:34 CEST 2008


On my microarray, I have different number of probes for each gene (some 
have 2 probes and some have 3 probes), For example:
Probe1    Gene1
Probe2    Gene1
Probe3    Gene2
Probe4    Gene2
Probe5    Gene2
Probe6    Gene3
Probe7    Gene3
If I use "lmFit" in LIMMA package to  fit  the linear mode, there is a 
problem because I can not define single "ndups", I'm not sure if I can 
still use this function, or I have to re-organize the data for using 
this function? Are there other functions I can use to solve this problem?

Any suggestions appreciated.

Yi Zou

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