[BioC] illumina: how to retrieve annotation information out of tif-files?

Christian Kohler Christian.Kohler at klinik.uni-regensburg.de
Thu Mar 6 14:42:16 CET 2008

Dear list,

I recently started dealing with illumina-data, therefor I am currently
working through the example datasets provided by the 'beadarray' vignette.
Here, information on the annotation of the chip used is stored in
'Human_WG-6.csv' (considering the 'BeadLevelExample' data).

When dealing with Affymetrix *.CEL.[gz] files, it is possible to
directly extract chip information via 'gzip -dc foo.CEL.gz | grep
which yields stl
'DatHeader=[38..46177]  . . . ..       HG_U95Av2.1sq    

I am now wondering if such kind of information can also be extracted out
of illumina tif-files (if for whatever reason the annotation file is nor

Thanks for any help.


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