[BioC] Using BioC or R functions in C-programs

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Mon Mar 10 16:04:49 CET 2008

Gunther --

Yes, though you need to be more precise in what you mean by 'calling these
functions from C'. I suppose you mean an independent C program, in which case
you will embed and run R from your C program (section 8 of the 'Writing R
Extensions' manual). Likely you will invoke R-level functions from C, perhaps
using instructions in section 5.11 of the 'Writing R Extensions' manual.

On the other hand, perhaps you mean calling R functions from other R functions
at the C level (section 5.11 again) or calling C functions from other C
functions, all within R. An interesting example of this is the Bioconductor
preprocessCore package and those (e.g., affy) that use it.

The R-devel mailing list, or perhaps Bioc-devel mailing list for questions
specifically related to Bioconductor, will be the right source for help on the
general topic of embedding R in C.

Please also send a new email, rather than responding to a different thread and
changing the subject line, when asking a new question, otherwise your question
is grouped with the original email (see your email at


Quoting Gunther Höning <gunther.hoening at ukmainz.de>:

> Dear list,
> is it possible to use functions provided in Bioconductor (e.g. gcrma,
> affybatch, vns...)
> in C?
> Or calling these functions from C?
> Wishes
> Gunther
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