[BioC] We produce a new type of green building material----bamboo floor.

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Deli Flooring Co., Ltd is located in the picturesque scenery Jiangxi Province , which enjoys a convenient traffic. It engages in producing bamboo floor , bamboo veneer, bamboo louver, bamboo strip, bamboo furniture and other new green building materials, which are the environmental protection products for replacing wood. The bamboo floor produced by the company takes superior natural Mao bamboo of over six years as raw material, with internationally advanced new technology used and it is manufactured with material selection, material processing, whitening, dehydration, moth-proof, thermal pressing and totaled over thirty working steps. It keeps natural texture of the bamboo, refined and beautiful, simple and elegant, warm and soft, which brings you back to nature. Bamboo floor is featured in natural color, flatness, smoothness, high strength and flexibility, abrasion resistance and other features and is the new high end decoration material for modern house, hotel, villa, entertainment hall and etc. Since launching, they are popular in customers.
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