[BioC] how to cite "lumi"?

Pan Du dupan at northwestern.edu
Fri May 9 17:19:37 CEST 2008

Dear Cei and other lumi users,

The lumi package paper has been published by Bioinformatics (Advance


Please cite:

"Du, P., Kibbe, W.A. and Lin, S.M., 'lumi: a pipeline for processing
Illumina microarray', Bioinformatics 2008 (Advance Access published online
on May 8, 2008)"


Have a nice day,


On 4/9/08 5:24 AM, "Cei Abreu-Goodger" <cei at sanger.ac.uk> wrote:

> Hi Pan,
> I wasn't sure if I should email this to the "bioconductor" mailing list,
> since for now I'm only concerned with the lumi package. I want to know
> how I should reference it. You mention a reference for VST, nuID and a
> comparison paper in the lumi vignette. Suppose I didn't use VST or nuID,
> but just used lumiR with log2/quantile normalization. What would be your
> preference for citing lumi as a "general" package for processing
> Illumina data?
> Many thanks,
> Cei

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