[BioC] Rtreemix (NEW package)

Jasmina Bogojeska jasmina at mpi-inf.mpg.de
Sun May 18 19:39:32 CEST 2008

Dear all,

I am writing this E-mail to announce the new package Rtreemix available in

Rtreemix is an easy-to-use package that offers an environment for
estimating the mutagenetic trees mixture models from cross-sectional data
and using them for various predictions. It includes functions for fitting
the trees mixture models, likelihood computations, model comparisons,
waiting time estimations, stability analysis, etc.

The mixture of mutagenetic trees is an evolutionary model that provides
an interpretable probabilistic framework for modeling multiple paths of
ordered accumulation of permanent genetic changes that can be used for
describing many disease processes. Each path captures a possible route of
disease development. These models are used to model HIV progression
characterized by accumulation of resistance mutations in the viral
genome under drug pressure and cancer progression by accumulation of
chromosomal aberrations in tumor cells.

The available vignettes and the help files of the package provide detailed
information on how to use the functions available in Rtreemix.


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