[BioC] Building BioC 2.2 with R 2.7.0

Atro Tossavainen atossava at cc.helsinki.fi
Tue May 27 13:13:46 CEST 2008

> I encountered the same problem with genefilter. Genefilter depends on
> tkWidgets which in turn depends on access to the x-server (stupid, but
> this is true for several Bioconductor packages now; it's rather annoying).
> So: use the xhost command to properly arrange your X display properties
> and the genefilter problem might be solved.

I neglected to mention (as I didn't see it being related at all) that
all of my sessions always have X forwarding via ssh enabled.  If this
was the issue, I would have had the same problem on all platforms, and
furthermore, I am able to run other X programs from the Solaris host
on my desktop without issues.  Whatever it is, it's not this.

Now that you mention it, however, I need to point out that raw X11 on
the network using xauth (bad) or xhost (really, really bad) is some-
thing that, in my ever so humble opinion, should have died out in 1995
or so when Tatu Ylönen published ssh.  I don't know why people still
insist on shooting themselves in the foot by running raw X11 on the
network without SSH protection, nor do I particularly need to know.

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