[BioC] How to plot Gene Ontology categories

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The datasets here are from the MSigDB (C5: Gene Ontology GeneSets)


Software from the same site GSEA will do a similar analysis and give not
a Z-value but what they call a 'normalised enrichment score' and an FDR
cutoff for significant enrichments. 

Subramanian, A., Tamayo, P., Mootha, V. K., Mukherjee, S., Ebert, B. L.,
Gillette, M. A., Paulovich, A., Pomeroy, S. L., Golub, T. R., Lander, E.
S. & Mesirov, J. P. (2005) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 102, 15545-15550.
Gene set enrichment analysis: A knowledge-based approach for
interpreting genome-wide expression profiles

An R package R-GSEA is available to do this.


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Hi all,

I recently came across a paper (Maria Chahrour, et al.  MeCP2, a Key
Contributor to Neurological Disease,
Activates and Represses TranscriptionScience 320, 1224 (2008);) and am
interested in supplementary
Figure S1 which basically plots cellular component, biological process,
molecular function categories
that differ significantly based on on genes that are differentially
expressed in two conditions. I wonder whether
any R package or codes could achieve that task.

Thanks much,

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