[BioC] converting MA to a text file

r.kandimalla r.kandimalla at erasmusmc.nl
Tue Nov 4 11:45:28 CET 2008


I have normalised my two channel arrays with loess and the output file
calles MA object (i named as MA.loess) was saved. When i gave the
command names(MA.loess), i saw it has the following rows
[1] "targets" "genes"   "source"  "printer" "M"       "A"
I was trying to transfer it to a text file to go on with differential
analysis and clustering since one week, but im failed always.
Please kindly help me....i want to have the log ratios of all genes and
all arrays to do cluster analysis.
I have tried with write.table, but didnt worked...
Kind Regards

Raju Kandimalla, PhD student
Erasmus MC

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