[BioC] LPE error caused by gcRMA [Error invar.M.adap[i] <- ifelse(!is.na(var.M.adap[i - 1]), mean(var.M.adap[i + : replacement has length zero]

charliew charliew at MIT.EDU
Wed Nov 5 12:59:15 CET 2008

Hi Richard,
The error went away when I added a small random number to every value  
in the data and re-ran LPE.

On Nov 5, 2008, at 5:57 AM, Richard Pearson wrote:

> Wolfgang
> I agree with you completely. I'm not suggesting adding random noise  
> will remove any real problem, I'm just suggesting Charlie could do  
> this to see whether his hypothesis about the equal values causing  
> the problem is correct. Personally I think adding random noise  
> should be avoided in any real analysis.
> Richard.
> Wolfgang Huber wrote:
>> 04/11/2008 12:48 Richard Pearson scripsit
>>> Charlie
>>> Following on from what Guido has said, you could test your  
>>> hypothesis
>>> that the identical values produced by the newer version of gcrma  
>>> are the
>>> problem by adding a small amount of random noise to the gcrma  
>>> expression
>>> values and repeating the LPE analysis. I'm not familiar with LPE  
>>> myself,
>>> but have seen similar problems due to the identical values  
>>> produced by
>>> gcrma with other methods.
>> Wait a minute ... the raw intensities of one probe vary randomly  
>> across
>> arrays. Most normalisation methods remove some of this variation (the
>> systematic part), while some remains. Now we have a method that -for
>> some probes- totally removes this variation, and provides identical
>> estimates across arrays.
>> Simply adding artificial noise (from which distribution?) won't solve
>> any real problem.
>> Best wishes
>> Wolfgang
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