[BioC] how to put together 600 files from the 5.0 Affy SNPchip

Laura Rodriguez Murillo laura.lmurillo at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 22:00:42 CET 2008

I'm new in this mailing list and  also using bioconductor. I'd
appreciate your feedback on this: I have 622 files that correspond to
622 samples genotyped for the SNPs in the 5.0 SNPChip from Affymetrix.
Each file consists of two columns of almost 500 K rows (plus 4 lines
at the begining that I won't need). The number of rows are the same in
every file. I would need to put all these files together, where the
first column is common to all of them (SNP names) (so I just need it
once in the big file). Once I have all the columns one after the other
I would also need to paste a column with the chromosome number for
each SNP (which is in another file, just this info alone). Do you know
if there's any way to do this with Bioconductor?.

Thank you!


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