[BioC] GeneMesh: Microarray data to Cardiovascular System, Genetic Processes, Immune System Diseases and more...

Jani, Saurin D jani at musc.edu
Sat Nov 8 17:01:51 CET 2008

Hi BioC,

At Proteogenomics Facilty of Medical University of South Carolina, we developed GeneMesh. 

GeneMesh is a web-based program that uses a database of genes associated with MeSH terms to help investigators mine DNA microarray data to find associations between genes and major MeSH hiearchical descriptors (i.e., Anatomy, Biological Sciences, Disease etc.) as well as descriptor subheadings (i.e., Cardiovascular System, Genetic Processes, Immune System Diseases etc.)

GeneMesh is freely available at: http://proteogenomics.musc.edu/genemesh/

Watch DEMO: http://cbrc.musc.edu/homepage/jani/genemesh/help.html

User Interface uses 'Search Engine' like layout as well as 'One Click' analysis of all your microarray data.

Please give it a try and let us know,

Thank you for your time,

| Saurin D. Jani
| Bioinformatician
| Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy
| Medical  University of South Carolina (MUSC)
| 173 Ashley Ave
| Charleston,SC - 29425
| Email: jani at musc.edu
| Phone: (843)792-1340
| Website: http://www.musc.edu/~jani

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