[BioC] using GSEAlm with GO geneSetCollections

Dykema, Karl Karl.Dykema at vai.org
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Hello Mark,

You may want to try PGSEA together with limma. It takes a slightly different approach than Category but this vignette should explain things adequately.


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Subject: [BioC] using GSEAlm with GO geneSetCollections
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I'm using a specific Affy chipset that is supported by BioC (rat2302) and
would like to use GSEAlm to indentify GO genesets of interest (p <0.05). I
am only interested in the GO BP ontology and only want to use the terminal
leaves. What is the most straightforward way to achieve this? I've read the
vignettes from GSEABase, GSEAlm, Category, and goTools and can't find a
direct example. I suspect I am making this too hard. Suggestions? Point me
in the correct direction?

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