[BioC] gene expression data followup

Adrian Johnson oriolebaltimore at gmail.com
Fri Nov 14 08:04:09 CET 2008

dear group,
how can expression data for a group of genes can be correlated to
survival covariate data using cox model and plot a kaplan-mier curve.
say i have subset of data from matrix MxN (M genes and N samples). I
take expression values for YxN (subset of M genes is Y and N are
collection of cancer and normal) and use recurrance time or survival
time and check if Y genes are sifnificant under cox model for
recurrance. if they are sifnificant plot them using kaplan-m curve. I
want to be able to use coxph and survh functions. I do not know how to
use both expression data and survival covariate data and see if set of
genes are sifnificant.

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