[BioC] clone id to chromosome position

Al Tango time.is.flying at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 19:53:11 CET 2008

Not sure if this needs using Bioconductor.

To get the chromosome position(in bp, Build36) for a BAC clone, eg
'RP11-189K9', I was following this post:

But I only got this table:

(Here is the first several lines of the table:
#tax_idclone_id	 xref_idclone_name insert_accession	insert_gi strain

9606	CloneID:1		RP11-1006M13			
9606	CloneID:10		CTA-102N2			
9606	CloneID:100	CTA-124G2

from which I can identify the CloneID '230700' for 'RP11-189K9',
without any positional information;
Where to go to get the additional dataset for positions, please?

Thanks a lot in advance for your reply. AT

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