[BioC] Processing data from Illumina HumanCNV370-Quad chips

Steven McKinney smckinney at bccrc.ca
Tue Nov 25 05:30:24 CET 2008

Hi Jan,

Thanks very much for these guidelines.
Getting the annotations into the final report
via BeadStudio, plus the sample sheet, yielded
a successful pair of files to get the data
read in.

> ccld <- read.SnpSetIllumina(samplesheet = "ccl_CNV370SampleSheet_8samples.csv",
+                             reportfile = "ccl_FinalReport_2.txt")
Warning message:
In read.SnpSetIllumina(samplesheet = "ccl_CNV370SampleSheet_8samples.csv",  :
  OPA info file could not be (uniquely) identified for HumanCNV370-Quadv3_C Using chromosomal position from report file

We will worry about the OPA file another day!
(Any suggestions?)

Thanks much

Steven McKinney

Molecular Oncology and Breast Cancer Program
British Columbia Cancer Research Centre

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Hi Steven,
If you have access to Beadstudio, probably the easiest way to get Illumina SNP data loaded in beadarraySNP is the following
- Do genotyping of your data in Beadstudio
- Create a final report (From the Analysis->Reports menu) that contains at least the fields 'SNP Name', 'Sample ID', 'GC Score', 'Allele1 - AB', 'Allele2 - AB', 'GT Score', 'X Raw',  'Y Raw', 'Chr' and 'Position'. Any other fields you select here will also be imported. Be sure to enable the checkbox to create a 'Sample MAP'
- Now you can use the sample_map.txt file as a samplesheet by using the Sample_Map2Samplesheet() function
- load the data: mydata<-read.SnpSetIllumina(Sample_Map2Samplesheet("Sample_Map.txt"),reportfile="reportfile.txt")

>Has anyone processed data from Illumina
>HumanCNV370-Quad chips using Bioconductor
>or other open source software?
>I've started attempts to read data using
>but have not had luck yet.

>> SNPdata <- read.SnpSetIllumina("Gulisa_CNV370SampleSheet_8samples.csv")
>Error in read.SnpSetIllumina("Gulisa_CNV370SampleSheet_8samples.csv") :
>  Sample sheet error, column(s) Sentrix_Position, Pool_ID, Sentrix_ID are not available
>Steven McKinney

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