[BioC] CAMDA08 Announcement. Deadline extension

Ana Conesa aconesa at cipf.es
Wed Oct 15 09:07:53 CEST 2008

Dear Colleagues,

Because of the fairly late release of the second contest data set
we have had many requests for a deadline extension. We have thus
decided to push back the deadline for all papers by two more weeks
to 22 October.

For fairness towards already submitted manuscripts, past submissions
can also be revised and resubmitted until that date.

We are looking forward to a lively contest
and hope to see you at the conference!

Kind regards,
David Kreil.

CAMDA'08, Vienna, Austria, 4-6 December 2008   --

News: ** Emerald calibration data set released!
          Contest deadline extended to 22 Oct. **

News: ** CAMDA is featured in the August Nature Methods editorial! **

Dear colleague!

We cordially invite you to attend this year's conference on

  Critical Assessment of Microarray Data Analysis (CAMDA) .

CAMDA was founded to provide a forum for the critical assessment
of the many different techniques used in microarray data mining
(Nature 411, 885, Nature 424, 610). It aims to establish the state of
the art in microarray data analysis, as well as highlight progress and
identify directions of future efforts.
In order to achieve these goals, CAMDA adopted the approach of a
community-wide experiment, letting the scientific community analyse
the same contest data sets.
Researchers worldwide are invited to take the CAMDA challenge.
Accepted submissions will be asked to give an oral presentation.
Results of analysis are discussed and compared at the CAMDA
As a special opportunity, this year, a selection of analysis predictions
will also be verified experimentally by the laboratory collecting the
original contest data set. CAMDA provides a unique environment for
testing and demonstrating your latest analysis methods.
In addition, the Emerald project has just provided fresh data from
an experiment dissecting technical and biological variance in
known mixture samples on three different platforms, now also available
via ArrayExpress.

CAMDA, which began in 2000, was initiated by Simon Lin and Kimberly
Johnson from the Duke University Bioinformatics Shared Resource
(www.camda.duke.edu <http://www.camda.duke.edu>). CAMDA has since become 
an internationally
roving conference, with the first such meeting held 2007 at CIPF in
Valencia, Spain.
This year, CAMDA is hosted by Boku University Vienna in Austria.

Your participation is critical for making this year's CAMDA meeting
again a great event.

Please do distribute this announcement to other colleagues who might
be interested.

We look forward to seeing you in Vienna!

David Kreil   &
Joaquin Dopazo


CAMDA'08 Conference, Vienna, Austria, 4-6 December 2008

Conference home    http://camda.bioinfo.cipf.es/
Contest data set at  http://camda.bioinfo.cipf.es/contest_dataset

Important Dates:
 2008-06-01   Public release of Contest Data Set
 2008-10-22   Extended Abstract Proposals due
 2008-11-01   Acceptance notification for session speakers
 2008-11-01   Acceptance notification for poster presenters
 2008-11-03   Early registration closes
 2008-12-04   Conference opens (later p.m.)
 2008-12-06   Conference closes
 2009-01-31   Full paper submission

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