[BioC] annotate incompatible with RdbiPgSQL !?!

Robert Gentleman rgentlem at fhcrc.org
Mon Apr 27 19:14:40 CEST 2009

Hi Philip,
  Please upgrade to R 2.9.x and relevant packages.  We are not able to support
older versions.  We will have a look at this issue in the 2.9.x suite, but will
not provide any patches for older versions of R/BioC.
  Also, you are mixing new versions of packages with old versions of R. We have
specifically asked that users not do that, and if you do do that, please do  not
report any bugs. We are not able to provide assistance for people that do not
follow the guidelines.

 best wishes

Philip Lijnzaad wrote:
>> I need to use both
>> RdbiPgSQL and geneplotter. 
> Sorry, just to be complete, this is R 2.7.1, all packages all at their latest 
> version:
> package.version("geneplotter") => "1.22.0"
> package.version("Rdbi") => "1.8.0"
> package.version("RdbiPgSQL") => "1.18.0"
> package.version("DBI") => "0.2-4"
> Regards,
> Ph.

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