[BioC] gene universe

Barbara Cegielska barceg at ibch.poznan.pl
Tue Jul 7 08:45:59 CEST 2009

Dear Robert,

I was absolutely convinced, that I can ask any question on BioC mailing 
list...I read many e-mails on the list (R nad BioC), which were asking 
how to do the data analysis (e.g."OK - I got the data - now what? 
:-)").  So I felt free to ask... However, I checked the posting guide 
and I have to admit that I made some mistkes (cross-posting and I was 
terrorizing  the  R-help)... I'm not a programmer and I'm still fresh R 
user, so somethimes it is hard for me to understand something that is  
obvious for you. I can manage with limma, but GOstats is still extremely 
difficult for me. My reading list thanks to the BioC mailing list is 
getting bigger and bigger. I have also ordered "Bioconductor Case 
Studies" and I'm waiting impatiently... Since I have been using BioC I 
made progress, so if  you don't mind I would like to still use the 
mailing list. I'll do my best to state my goals and objectives as clear 
as possible.

Best wishes,


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