[BioC] Warning serious?

Juan Pedro Steibel steibelj at msu.edu
Fri Jul 10 15:46:52 CEST 2009

I remember seeing that warning before (we use maanova a lot for affy and 
for 2-color platforms) but I can't find any notes on it. So not 
completely sure what the implications were. If you could provide a 
reproducible example (full incidence file, short expression file: full 
column range, but only 10 genes ~rows~ or so) and code, I would be glad 
to look at it.

Also, it would help if you can post your session info. Maanova has 
undergone some retooling in the past months.

Juan Pedro

Loren Engrav wrote:
> I recently finished a project with maanova package
> Many warnings of
> In any(parsed.formula$random) : coercing argument of type 'double' to
> logical
> Is this serious? Or just ignore?
> Recently queried on BioC but I could not find an answer
> Thank you
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