[BioC] Non linear intensities

David martin vilanew at gmail.com
Thu Jul 23 17:25:25 CEST 2009

I have a naive question. In my experiment i have computed different 
standard curves for different genes.
I have noticed that my data is not following a linear pattern (sorry i'm 
not statistician so don't know if this is the word).
For e.g
GENES	[1µg]	[2µg] [5µg] [10µg]
gene A	500	800	1800	3500
gene B	450	650	1700	3400
gene C	200	300	600	1300

As you can see the intensities are not as I would expect (there is no 
linear intensity based on the concentration); Since my data shows that 
there is a bias i would like to correct the data and adjust according.
For instance, i think there might be a coeffecient, which based on the 
intensitiy would help to correct the intenstities. At the end if for a 
gene X i find an intensity of 500 i could assume that it should higher 
than that to have a 2 fold change and that it should probably be 
somewhere around 1000.

Thanks for your help ??

thanks for your help.

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