[BioC] Regarding hexbin in R...

Naomi Altman naomi at stat.psu.edu
Thu Jul 23 22:01:59 CEST 2009

I think the problem is that the data are too sparse.  Hexbin 
essentially creates bins for a histogram, which in the first case 
only has 2 object, total.  Why don't you have a look in "bin" in both 
cases to see what you have.


At 03:36 PM 7/23/2009, Wells Oliver wrote:
>Hello all. I'm trying to figure out why plotting one hexbin will work and
>one will not.
>The broken one:
>hits = list(x=c(121.48999999999999, 34.140000000000001),
>y=c(99.400000000000006, 66.269999999999996))
>bin <- hexbin(hits$x, hits$y)
>Error in cut.default(rcnt, colorcut, labels = FALSE) :
>   invalid number of intervals
>hits = list(x=rnorm(1000), y=rnorm(1000))
>bin <- hexbin(hits$x, hits$y)
>Works fine. The thing is printing hits in the former and latter instances
>both yield a similar data structure. Any ideas? Thank you.
>Wells Oliver
>wells at submute.net
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