[BioC] RmiR, request for new package

ngopalak at fhcrc.org ngopalak at fhcrc.org
Thu Mar 5 05:48:03 CET 2009

Dear Francesco,

The recommended size for software packages is less than 2 MB on disk as
you noted from


Data files in the range of 10 ~ 30 MB will need to be built into a
separate data package and would typically go into our experimental data
package repository or into the Metadata category if its related to
Annotation, CDF and Probe data


A typical user of your software package would probably not need the
large  data files for their application and hence we would
like to maintain them as separate packages.

If you are planning to build an annotation data package please get in
touch with Marc Carlson (mcarlson at fhcrc.org) and he should be able to  
guide you through the process.

If your are building an experiment data package, I can help you put one

Once you have created your packages, please register at


and create a new issue on the tracker to submit your package


(I am forwarding the response to your question to the Bioconductor  
mailing list so that this information is available to other people  
searching the  mailing list archives)

Quoting Francesco Favero <francesco.favero.bioc at gmail.com>:

> Dear Nishant,
> I have done a package to cross the miRNA and gene expression microarray
> data, I would like to upload it but it 30 Mb big instead of the 2 Mb
> required from the "Package Guidelines". It contains 6 different databases of
> predicted or validated miRNA targets, for this is so big. Should I upload it
> anyway?
> If you want an overview of the package, I will attach the package vignette.
> Best regards
> Francesco

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