[BioC] Cloud Plotting? flowViz/Core

Aric Gregson a.gregson at ucla.edu
Sat Mar 7 21:27:40 CET 2009


--On March 6, 2009 2:02:30 PM -0800 Florian Hahne <fhahne at fhcrc.org> wrote:

>> There does not appear to be any implementation of the corresponding
>> cloud plot from lattice in flowViz, is that correct? Would it be
>> possible or is it planned to implement it?
> at the moment there are no concrete plans of doing so. However, you are
> invited to try an implementation yourself. All that needs to be done is
> to write an S4 method for flowFrames and flowSets, and it might be as
> simple as extracting the data and faking the necessary formula to plot
> the right parameters. However, I expect this to be very slow because
> typical flow data sets are too big to efficiently plot individual points,
> and a 3D density representation might be more useful.

Yes, I actually meant to say 3D cloud. I don't think that cloud itself 
would be very useful.


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