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Groot, Philip de philip.degroot at wur.nl
Mon Mar 9 11:09:21 CET 2009

Hello Sebastien,
I checked out your ragene10st.db library and found the following:
> ragene10st()
Quality control information for ragene10st:

This package has the following mappings:
ragene10stACCNUM has 0 mapped keys (of 29216 keys)
ragene10stALIAS2PROBE has 30979 mapped keys (of 30979 keys)
ragene10stCHR has 19932 mapped keys (of 29216 keys)
ragene10stCHRLENGTHS has 23 mapped keys (of 23 keys)
ragene10stCHRLOC has 14225 mapped keys (of 29216 keys)
ragene10stCHRLOCEND has 14225 mapped keys (of 29216 keys)
ragene10stENSEMBL has 18339 mapped keys (of 29216 keys)
ragene10stENSEMBL2PROBE has 17366 mapped keys (of 17366 keys)
ragene10stENTREZID has 29216 mapped keys (of 29216 keys)
ragene10stENZYME has 1494 mapped keys (of 29216 keys)
ragene10stENZYME2PROBE has 692 mapped keys (of 692 keys)
ragene10stGENENAME has 19953 mapped keys (of 29216 keys)
ragene10stGO has 14583 mapped keys (of 29216 keys)
ragene10stGO2ALLPROBES has 9863 mapped keys (of 9863 keys)
ragene10stGO2PROBE has 7437 mapped keys (of 7437 keys)
ragene10stMAP has 19502 mapped keys (of 29216 keys)
ragene10stPATH has 4201 mapped keys (of 29216 keys)
ragene10stPATH2PROBE has 206 mapped keys (of 206 keys)
ragene10stPFAM has 19087 mapped keys (of 29216 keys)
ragene10stPMID has 12157 mapped keys (of 29216 keys)
ragene10stPMID2PROBE has 34899 mapped keys (of 34899 keys)
ragene10stPROSITE has 19087 mapped keys (of 29216 keys)
ragene10stREFSEQ has 19869 mapped keys (of 29216 keys)
ragene10stSYMBOL has 19953 mapped keys (of 29216 keys)
ragene10stUNIGENE has 18427 mapped keys (of 29216 keys)
ragene10stUNIPROT has 10050 mapped keys (of 29216 keys)

Additional Information about this package:
DB schema version: 1.0
Organism: Rattus norvegicus
Date for NCBI data: 2008-Sep2
Date for GO data: 200808
Date for KEGG data: 2008-Sep2
Date for Golden Path data: 2006-Jun20
Date for IPI data: 2008-Sep02
Date for Ensembl data: 2008-Jul23

That ACCNUM has 0 entries is weird. EntrezID entries are all found... So, you build this package on EntrezIDs and not on the AFFYIDs that are usually provided. So your library won't work properly for people whom simply download it blindly! Just to let you know. Perhaps you should consider to take it offline and to only provide it if people ask for it AND realise the problems with it?
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