[BioC] Introductory BioC Course 27-29 April 09: Analyzing Microarray Experiments

Patrick Aboyoun paboyoun at fhcrc.org
Wed Mar 11 01:12:54 CET 2009

Robert Gentleman and his team will be offering an Introductory 
Bioconductor course in Seattle, WA USA 27-29 April 2009. This course 
will be targeted to new users who want to learn more about Bioconductor 
tools for analyzing microarray experiments. During lectures and hands-on 
labs, attendees will be presented material on:

1. The basics of R and Bioconductor
2. Analyzing microarray data
    * Preprocessing and quality assess Affymetrix and cDNA microarrays
    * Assessing differential gene expression
3. Obtaining annotation metadata
4. Visualizing experiment data and associated metadata
5. Performing Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA)
6. Using machine learning techniques
7. Exploring biological graphs and networks

For details and registration, visit 
https://secure.bioconductor.org/SeattleApr09/. Space is limited.


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