[BioC] Axis Scales & Components After Logicle Transformation (flowViz)

Aric Gregson a.gregson at ucla.edu
Wed Mar 11 21:21:35 CET 2009


Following a transformation of the flowSet data with Logicle, the axis
labels remain whole numbers within the axis limit range. This is
perfect for any necessary gating procedures, as it is very easy to add
more tick marks to assist with gate placement (trying to place a grid
for this as well). 

However, for display to others who prefer a more traditional look, it
appears to get complicated quickly to place the linear:log scales
necessary. I have tried a few ideas from pages 138-150 of Sarkar's
'Lattice', but have singularly failed. I was wondering if there is a
simple shortcut that I am missing, or how one would suggest I go about

Thanks very much. 


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