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Hi John:

I do not have a general answer. However, the "org." packages do have a mapping from GO to Entrez gene. For example, there is the mouse package org.Mm.eg.db that has org.Mm.egGO which maps between the two identifiers.
> library("org.Mm.eg.db")
> ?org.Mm.egGO2EG

     org.Mm.egGO is an R object that provides mappings between entrez
     gene identifiers and the GO identifiers that they are  directly
     associated with. This mapping and its reverse mapping do NOT
     associate the child terms from the GO ontology with the gene. 
     Only the directly evidenced terms are represented here.

You could use the appropriate org package for your species.

Hope this helps,


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dear Bioc,

I have retrieved an old stript to extract genes associated with a specific
GO term from a previous release of BioC.

it exploited the enviroment GOLOCUSID form the package GO.

thei enviroment is no longer available in the current release bioc 2.3.
is there an equivalent enviroment in some other package?

how can I retrieve the genes associated with a specific go term in bioc now.

thank you

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