[BioC] 'RG' looks like a pre-2.4.0 S4 object: please recreate it

Barbara Cegielska barceg at ibch.poznan.pl
Wed May 6 18:53:37 CEST 2009

I would like to load ApoAI.RData. During the operation of reading this 
data an error occurs. There is also a problem with STF file.

 > library (limma)
 > load("ApoAI.RData")
Warning message:
'RG' looks like a pre-2.4.0 S4 object: please recreate it
 > objects()
[1] "RG"
 > names(RG)
[1] "R"       "G"       "Rb"      "Gb"      "printer" "genes"   "targets"
 > RG$targets
      FileName  Cy3      Cy5
c1 a1koc1.spot Pool  C57BL/6
c2 a1koc2.spot Pool  C57BL/6
c3 a1koc3.spot Pool  C57BL/6
c4 a1koc4.spot Pool  C57BL/6
c5 a1koc5.spot Pool  C57BL/6
c6 a1koc6.spot Pool  C57BL/6
c7 a1koc7.spot Pool  C57BL/6
c8 a1koc8.spot Pool  C57BL/6
k1 a1kok1.spot Pool ApoAI-/-
k2 a1kok2.spot Pool ApoAI-/-
k3 a1kok3.spot Pool ApoAI-/-
k4 a1kok4.spot Pool ApoAI-/-
k5 a1kok5.spot Pool ApoAI-/-
k6 a1kok6.spot Pool ApoAI-/-
k7 a1kok7.spot Pool ApoAI-/-
k8 a1kok8.spot Pool ApoAI-/-
 > spottypes=readSpotTypes("ApoAISpotTypes.txt")
 > spottypes
  SpotType      ID Name  Color
1     cDNA       *    *  black
2    BLANK   BLANK    *  brown
3    Blank   Blank    * orange
4  Control Control    *   blue
 > RG$genes$Status=controlStatus(spottypes, RG)
Matching patterns for: 
Error in matrix(unlist(value, recursive = FALSE, use.names = FALSE), 
nrow = nr,  :
  attempt to set an attribute on NULL

Thank you for your help.


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