[BioC] function log2ratios() missing in snapCGH ?

Winfried Hofmann winfried.bioc at googlemail.com
Thu May 7 19:27:05 CEST 2009

Dear colleagues,

on my new R-2.9.0 /Bioconductor 2.4-Installation, I get an error
message when using the function processCGH():
"Error in ncol(log2ratios(MA)) : could not find function "log2ratios"".
Unlike the former version of Bioconductor, the function log2ratios()
seems to be missing in the current version.

Maybe somebody knows more about it.

Thanks in advance

Winfried Hofmann

Output of

> sessionInfo()
R version 2.9.0 (2009-04-17)


attached base packages:
[1] splines   stats     graphics  grDevices utils     datasets  methods
[8] base

other attached packages:
 [1] marray_1.22.0      aCGHtool_0.9       snapCGH_1.12.0     aCGH_1.18.0
 [5] sma_0.5.15         multtest_2.0.0     survival_2.35-4    cluster_1.11.13
 [9] DNAcopy_1.18.0     tilingArray_1.22.0 pixmap_0.4-9       Biobase_2.4.1
[13] limma_2.18.0       GLAD_2.0.0

loaded via a namespace (and not attached):
 [1] AnnotationDbi_1.6.0  DBI_0.2-4            MASS_7.2-46
 [4] RColorBrewer_1.0-2   RSQLite_0.7-1        affy_1.22.0
 [7] affyio_1.12.0        annotate_1.22.0      genefilter_1.24.0
[10] grid_2.9.0           lattice_0.17-22      preprocessCore_1.6.0
[13] strucchange_1.3-7    tools_2.9.0          vsn_3.12.0
[16] xtable_1.5-5


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Institut fuer Zell- und Molekularpathologie

Medizinische Hochschule Hannover

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