[BioC] KEGGSOAP: problem with get.pathways.by.genes()

Julien Meunier Julien.Meunier at inserm.fr
Mon May 11 17:32:28 CEST 2009

Hi everyone,

I am trying to convert entrez id (mouse) to KEGG pathway
using the keggsoap package, and having a hard time.


would give me the following result:

[1] "mmu:100044793" "mmu:100047704" "mmu:110542"    "mmu:11477" 
"mmu:11479" ...

However, the following


returns character(0)

I also tested get.pathways.by.genes with the IL2 gene (entrez id 16183)
involved in several pathways, calling the function with "16183",
"mmu:16183" and other variations with the same result.

The vignette mentioned they might be "problem on the server side" with
get.pathways.by.genes(), and I googled without succes.

Any ideas to get this function to work ?

Thank you for your time,

PS: I known I can use KEGG.db or org.Mm.eg.db, or other locale packages
but for some reason I would rather use an online query.

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