[BioC] regarding web interface to R coding

Michael Dondrup Michael.Dondrup at bccs.uib.no
Mon Sep 7 15:31:35 CEST 2009

Hi Ankhee,
depends mainly on your favorite host language I think. Among other  
suggestions (RPy), I think one of the most commonly used solution is
Java and the rJava package. That can be installed from CRAN.

That contains JRI so you can run R code from Java (and vice versa), I   
know some people that use rJava, and I do, it has little documentation  
but otherwise it works fine, and I think the Eclipse R plugin uses it  
too. Then you could build your web UI in Java using eg. JSF, Echo2, or  

If you like perl you might try RSPerl http://www.omegahat.org/RSPerl/  
or try a patched version
where we have tried solve some issues. That worked for me at least on  
a variety of systems. But maybe noone else is using that.
I don't like the  "write script to temporary file and pass around  
tables in textfiles" approach too much, I thinks it's not a real clean  
and not very efficient approach. But that's only my 50cent ;)


Am 07.09.2009 um 12:24 schrieb ankhee dutta:

> hi all,
> here i have done some coding in R and want a web interface which can  
> execute
> the R coding after taking user's query (who don't have knowledge of  
> R) in
> any format. Can you suggest some language or software made for this  
> purpose
> and is used commonly.
> Any kind of help will be appreciable.
> -- 
> Ankhee Dutta
> project trainee,
> JNU,New Delhi-67
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