[BioC] interaction term contrast in Weaver mutant example of LIMMA manual

Erika Melissari erika.melissari at bioclinica.unipi.it
Tue Sep 8 17:29:25 CEST 2009

Dear bioconductor list,

I am studing the Weaver experiment example of LIMMA manual and I am in a
maze about the biological meaning of interaction term present among the
I did not manage to understend what kind of differentially expressed gene
this contrast takes-out.
The interaction contrast is:


The first bracket takes-out the differentially expressed genes between the
mutant subjects at two different time points(21 and 11 minutes) and the
second bracket those between the wild-type subject at the same different
time points.
..but what differentially expressed genes takes-out the global interaction

In order to evaluate an interaction do I need absolutely the four arrays
in direct comparison done in this example?

Thank you very much for any explaination


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