[BioC] Question on Interarray normalization

Anjan Purkayastha purkayas at wi.mit.edu
Thu Sep 10 00:26:44 CEST 2009

I am sampling the transcript abundance for a virus during an infection 
time-course.  At each time-point post-infection (say 0,1,2,4,8 hours) 
viral RNA is isolated and hybridized to a tiling array.
Given the biology of the virus, I cannot assume that at each time-point 
there are roughly equal numbers of up and down-regulated genes. Which 
means that I cannot use quantile-quantile normalization to do any 
interarray array normalization. What other normalization procedures can 
I use in such a situation?
Thanks in advance,

anjan purkayastha, phd
bioinformatics analyst
whitehead institute for biomedical research
nine cambridge center
cambridge, ma 02142

purkayas [at] wi [dot] mit [dot] edu  

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